Dubs x Cavs III, the conclusion

The Cleveland Cavaliers entered game 5 in a fragile survival mode. The King and his cavs tried to crusade another historical comeback by surpassing a 3-0 deep hole. Kyrie Irving was sensational. Lebron James was a beast all throughout the series. But these two kings need more offensive help from their supporting cast. Unfortunately, the subs had a disappointing run.

Meanwhile, the hostile environment of the Oracle Arena makes the Golden State Warriors more lethal in a home court skirmish.  Steph Curry’s aggressiveness in the paint dismembered the Cavs’ defense. Klay Thompson’s take out against the main scorers was incomparable. Green’s all around presence was just superb. The bench led by Iguodala, Livingston, McGee, West and McCaw gave their fair share of support. But the one that stood up and dismantled the Cavaliers can be summed up in just two letters – KD. Kevin Durant, the most talked player and dubbed as the super villain since the start of the season unleashed his offensive firepower by producing 30+ points in 5 consecutive games. The finals MVP’s performance from both sides of the court fueled the Warriors to finish their revenge tour and ascended victorious on this epic trilogy.

Cleveland went all in and had a splendid run but Golden State was just too much and remained on their ground that there is strength in numbers.

Chapter three is over.

Slow clap, standing ovation for your 2017 NBA champions, The Golden State Warriors.
(Whispered chants: Yakimix! Yakimix! Yakimix)
photo credits: @nbatv


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