Dubs x Cavs


Summer ends, classes start.

Two things that prove June might not be the best time of the year. But for all hoop-junkies out there, this month has a handful of exciting days to offer.

The long wait is over.

NBA Finals is here.

For the third straight season, the rivalry continues. The rubber match we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. The Beast of the East meets his arch nemesis from the Wild West.

It’s all locked up.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors III.

Tracing Battle History

Warriors drew the first blood. Season’s Most Valuable Player, Stephen Curry led the offensive charge. With the help of his splash brother, Klay Thompson and the bench mob, their offensive firepower is beyond compare. Andre Iguodala provided the veteran leadership and eventually named as the finals MVP. GSW took care of business in six games (4-2) and ended a four-decade title drought. They proved that there is #StrengthInNumbers and claimed the 2015 NBA crown.

When the 2016 NBA finals unfolded, the Cavaliers were determined for vengeance. Although, trapped in the edge of annihilation, LeBron James carried his team to a historic comeback win in professional sports (4-3). The prodigal son delivered his promise. Kyrie Irving’s dagger three will always be in the memory lane. Kevin Love’s presence is also a huge factor in the series. The Cavs went #Allin and snatched the 2016 NBA title. And the famous internet meme was born, “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.”

The Warriors will win because…

Kevin Durant is too much. The third splash brother is having one of his best seasons yet.

The Golden State Warriors is the greatest collection of talent the league has ever seen.

The Splash brothers are dominating their cup of tea. Threes are raining.

Curry’s ball handling and inside penetration evolved.

The run and gun game is not contained.

Draymond Green’s temper is controlled.

GSW creates early separation and handles the lead.

The ball movement is just lit.

The subs deliver. JaVale McGee’s presence is matchless.

Zaza Pachulia injures Lebron (just kidding).

The Cavaliers will win because…

LeBron James is LeBron James. This year, the King is breaking the NBA records by storm.

The Cavs is up to any talent.

JR Smith and Iman Shumpert step up.

Kevin Love connects outside touch and dominates the board.

Uncle Drew is breaking ankles and clutch as ever.

Kyle Korver is having his Ray Allen moments.

Deron Williams provides play-making skills they’ve been looking the entire season.

The transition defense is superb.

There are no unnecessary turnovers.

James cries for help to referees and Adam Silver (just kidding).

Chapter Three

As good as advertised, we will be now witnessing an epic trilogy. The Warriors’ playoffs run is unblemished while the Cavaliers’ quest is in a juggernaut mode. As the tides shift and tables turn, we’re still clueless on which team will bring the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy.

82 regular games played.

25 combined playoffs matches.

Down to best of 7 series.

Will the Golden State Warriors finish their revenge tour? Or will the Cleveland Cavaliers defend the land?

In less than 24 hours, Game 1 will begin.

Choose your coast now. East or West.


JeEpscapade bet: Yakimix buffet
Crocky is on Dubs while Gazelle is All In.